What’s On My Stand?

Flute ≠ Piccolo: They are not exactly the same!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I thought I would start off with the first post of 2021 being an instrument comparison since this [in a non-pandemic world] is the time region band meets again, at least in NJ. I have found that non-flutists rarely think of the flute and piccolo as different instruments. Of course, the other […]

What’s On My Stand: December 2020

Preparing for my final Masters recital in April 2021, I am starting to cycle through that repertoire both new and old. I also started Suzuki teacher training in October 2020 so as we start 2021 I am beginning the training for Book 2! Telemann – Sonata in f minor 41:f1 Today this sonata is more […]

What’s On My Nails?


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