What’s On My Stand?

Frank Martin’s Ballade for flute and piano

The week this post will be live is also the same week I will be performing Frank Martin’s Ballade for my final Masters’ recital. Given the priority of recording – over live rehearsals – I have been able to be much more detail focused on this piece than I could have ever been in ‘normal’ […]

Secondary instruments: Impact on playing the flute?

Let’s talk about doubling! As an undergraduate student there was a time that I was playing bassoon and brass (trumpet and trombone) all in one semester… how do you maintain a solid flute embouchure going back and forth? General Observations and Thoughts You may have heard this before, but the flute is very similar to […]

Flutes and Specs for Grade 4-12 Band

Have you ever thought of why the flute is included in the woodwind family? Of course, there is a history of flutes made partially with wood. The real answer though is much more interesting: the woodwind family is actually classed by the way sound is produced an excerpt from WWBW “the way they produce their […]

What’s On My Nails?


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