What’s On My Stand?

Taking a Break!

Hello, it’s your neighborhood workaholic here… to provide some updates. First and foremost, I’VE GRADUATED WITH MY MASTERS!!! That is supposed to feel exciting, but I am finding that I have more stressed out with what that means for the future. A lot of major life changes have been snowballing since April 2021 so let’s […]

Bach Flute Sonata in Eb Major

There are many works attributed to J.S. Bach that – present day – music historians unearth may not actually be written by Johann Sebastian; such is the case for BWV 1031 (or the Sonata in EbM) which is now more commonly linked to C.P.E. Bach, one of J.S. Bach’s sons. This is significant because of […]

Shifting Practicing Habits

After your first year of undergrad, there is an abundance of time to practice (not). However, there is more allocated time to practice, and efficiently using this time to practice is a skill that is most useful post-grad. In this week’s entry I will set a baseline for general practicing habits as a college student […]

What’s On My Nails?


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